“Who do you want to be?" I was recently at a book study in Phoenix, with my friend Robert Kiyosaki, and that was the question that he posed to the group. We were there to study a book on negotiation, but Robert, the consummate educator, was trying to get the...

Making sound investments isn’t just about picking up on the latest trends – it’s about really understanding the market, the factors that affect it, and making thoughtful decisions based on those details. A great example of what it takes to do solid projects is our approach to multifamily housing in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area.

A growing percentage of renters believe it is better to rent than buy a home, which helps explains why the homeownership rate remains persistently low nearly a decade after the housing crash.

A boom in apartment construction in the past few years has caused rent increases to begin to level off in many U.S. cities, while home price gains have accelerated over the past year. As a result, roughly 76% of renters in August said they believe renting is more affordable than owning, up from 65% in September 2016, according to survey results from Freddie Mac expected to be released Wednesday.